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Energy Management System Plus 

The era of energy shortage
We use data to let you stop energy  dysfunction

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Products and Services

Flyover Bridges

Intelligent Traffic Prediction Service

Smart City,Smart Mobility

The primary objective project is to improve traffic control unit operation efficacy and to reduce traffic jams. The other objectives are to reduce pollution from vehicles and to maximize the usage of the streets.


Our forecast model is based on both historic and the latest traffic and geographic information and the current changes from the previous estimate of the current traffic congestion status information. We have an outstanding outcome of prediction of traffic jam degree which is used by traffic control divisions to adjust traffic operation effort and provide alternative vehicle navigation status in advance.

​• Proved to be able to reduce congestion time by at least 6~10 minutes in rush hours

• Manage traffic flow in advance, diverting routes , and improve commuting efficiency

• Reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment

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Energy Management System Plus (EMS+)

Monitoring and optimizing your energy efficiency -- first step to ESG

Infiark’s EMS+ can analyze all the pertinent data for monitoring and improving the energy performance of a building or group of buildings. Our system learns the behavior of your  buildings/operations/equipment to generate forecast models of consumption based on  1 week worth of data (historical or based on new incoming when a device first connected to the platform). You can analyze and compare actual and expected load consumption for your facilities.

  • Energy cost allocation and minimizing the financial impacts in case of dysfunction

  • Monitoring & analysis of energy KPIs & benchmarking for  number of buildings, sites/facilities.

  • Automated daily/weekly/monthly energy & CO2 reports 

  • Implementation of an energy reduction and optimization policy

  • Attainment of certification such as ISO 50001 and CO2 Compliance

Smart Agriculture and Aquaculture

Nature Meets Data 

Infiark collect and process agri-aqua culture data in a repetitive cycle from IoT sensors and build crop production forecast model combined with our analytics service platform. 


By implementing our service platform, farmers can react quickly to emerging issues and changes in ambient conditions.

• Data aggregation, normalization and risk features  identification   

• Precision irrigation and precise plant nutrition

• Crop production and demand analytics model 

• Data-driven agriculture helps to meet production and sales balance 


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