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Our Insights

In the Big Data era, model representations created from present analyses are narrow in scope, covering only a small subset of the data with limited understanding. ​By doing so, it requires human intelligence to construct representative models that can properly search through and find meaningful patterns in a large amount of data.

Our Proposision

To helps scientists and business leaders make sense of the volumes of data that are pouring into their organizations by implementing our Analyst as a Service(AaaS). Providing a multipurpose data machine learning tool, a single architecture handles all kinds of problems in data analysis.

Our Technology

Information Platform for analytics. Automation Platform for automating and continuously capturing and storing knowledge tasks. Recommendation Platform for generating valuable insights that enable the client to discover new business.

  • Our

    ✔ InfiArk is the leading interactive knowledge convergence dashboard, targeting the 95% of businesses without a Business Intelligence department.
    ✔ We have created a unique "Analyst as a Service" value proposition by working with various performance data.
    ✔ Our solutions provide real-time benchmarks, integrated reporting and automated recommendations. It effectively replaces the need for an analyst and the purchase of industry data saving companies thousands of dollars and weeks of time.

  • Our

    ✔ Enabling customer to be data driven without the need to hire a data analyst, or purchase third party industry data.
    ✔ Building the world's largest B2B2C Business Intelligent Platform that provides advanced analytic expertise to influence strategy and help drive efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

  • 50-50

    ✔ Business owner can discover new business opportunities from their existing dataset without spending big investments. We take over that risk. At a business level, we share 50% of revenue and cover 50% of the cost.

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